Decentralized Blockchain Apps

Smart Contracts for Ethereum and now EOS

The heart of any decentralized system are the smart contracts which define the transactions and rules which govern the system. Smart contracts are implemented as software modules carefully designed and optimized to execute efficiently and securely. While the logic of a smart contract is often simple, the implementation of real-world production contracts is far from trivial as it requires a thorough understanding of the decentralized execution environment and detailed testing.

    Our team will help you avoid common pitfalls:
  • Inefficient code and data handling balloons transaction fees
  • Poorly planned contracts fail audit and open you up to recursion-attacks.
  • Once the contract is live you can't make any changes!

Business-first Architecture

To design a decentralized app takes more than just technical expertise. The current generation of blochains require a synergy between technical and business thinking. First and foremost you really need to understand Blockchain in order to design a successful app.

  • Brainstorm your ideas with our team.
  • We produce diagrams to capture your value proposition.
  • We help you learn from other peoples mistakes.
  • Test assumptions at each stage to validate ideas early-on.

Our Blockchain Development Process

Our battle-tested process ensures we deliver marketable products


Unlike a traditional consultation our goal here is to ensure that we are the right team for you. Blockchain development is not something that our team can do without your involvement. If we take your project then you are going to be spending some time with us so lets make sure you enjoy it!

Come and visit our offices, discover our city and meet our team. We will absorb and dissect your idea into actionable goals until we have a development strategy that guarantees success.

design process


The blockchain world moves fast! Once we are clear on the development objectives we aim to present you with a working proof of concept as early as 2 weeks into the project. We then iterate on this solution towards an MVP and beyond until you have a marketable product.

Along the way you may need additional expert services related to marketing, legal or design work. As founding members of the Blockchain community we can put you in touch with the right people.

design process


The day has come to bring something new into the world. It's all hands on deck and we will establish a dedicated war-room to ensure things go smoothly. At this point we work closely with marketing, ops and community management to ensure that any issues are addressed and resolved within minutes.

We like to think of the launch as a new beginning rather than an end of our new relationship. We have helped clients setup their own development & maintenance teams, service centre, KYC or op.

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